The Murkworks

Welcome to the Murkworks. We are a community of computer geeks, artists, musicians, cats, birds, and a whole lot of computers, living in chaotic semi-harmony in Seattle and Kenmore and Bothell and assorted points between. We maintain a small Internet presence, and provide net access to a small number of outside friends and other interesting people. We do this mainly because a) we are pathetic weenies, and b) we have other things that we're supposed to be doing.

We are not to be confused with MurkWorks, Inc., individuals who get paid.

A network status insert used to go here, but then Livejournal got stupid, so we're going to have to make something else. Also, the murkworks.noise box doesn't populate anymore; same problem. Oh well!

Murkworks North Residents

[Anna] [Dara]

Other DNA Carriers: [Fred] [George]

Murkworks South Residents


Other DNA Carriers: [Cirrus] [Jiji] [Nimbus]

Figmen of the Imagination

[Annemarie] [Chris] [David] [Ian] [Sarah]
[Sian] [Vicka] [Ellen] [Angie]

Other DNA Carriers
[Zoe] [Polly] [Australia] [Kali] [Rainsong] [Shiva] [Woodlock]

[clearbrook] [door] [kiliandra] [kimo] [ryoga] [lodestone] [newmoon] [newstar] [haku] [gamebridge] [ryogabridge] [garon] [wings] [leyline] [pygar] [nytecrawler] [inuyasha]

And Because Solar Radiation is Sk33ry to Everybody but Solarbird:

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Geomagnetic Field:

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