Quen's Brief List of Anime with Elves In.

This list was last updated April 21, 2001.

Ok, here's that list of anime available on DVD with elves in, along with brief comments (a) on the 'quality' of elf-representation, and (b) on whether it's any good or not, so that people could decide e.g. to rent a disc based on this. That makes it a good deal longer. :) I don't know if you want to include all this or not... really, none of these are must-see from an elf perspective, actually some of the shows which don't have elves in are probably more relevant. There is some nice eye-candy here though :)

Record of Lodoss War OAV [2-disc set] (Central Park Media)
Record of Lodoss War TV [4-disc set] (Central Park Media)


Fairly standard genre fantasy series, featuring one main-character High Elf (Deedlit), a main-character Dark Elf (Pirotess), and various Dark Elf extras. Portrayed roughly as you'd expect if you ever played AD&D, but with a touch of anime style. Deedlit is very very cute. :)

Good if you like standard genre fantasy; if you object to that, avoid. The OAV comes first, although stories overlap and are treated differently.

Legend of Crystania movie (ADV)

Spin-off of the above. Features a vastly-out-of-character Pirotess, no other elves.

Pretty crap; obviously mangled from original novels that might have been quite good. Awful art.

(Note: There is also an OAV series which might be a bit better, but isn't on DVD.)

Slayers movie (ADV)

Includes a sweet love story featuring a young elf girl. Minor but cute appearance ;)

Reasonably watchable; avoid if you object to silly and not-politically- correct humour (one of the main characters feels inadequate about the size of her breasts).

Gestalt (Media Blasters)


Includes a couple of 'dark elves', one who is a fairly main character. Frankly, they act more like catgirls, but are still cute.

Short series (60 minutes, story doesn't really finish). Not overly deep, but fun. Gorgeous brightly-coloured art.

Those Who Hunt Elves (ADV; VHS out, DVD due some time in 2001)

Plot is about finding elves and stripping them semi-naked because they have magic sigils tattooed. (Or something; it's a thin excuse.)

I haven't seen this yet; according to reports it is a fun comedy but lacking in any real depth.

Elf Princess Rane (Media Blasters; VHS out, DVD out)

Not quite an elf anime, but a fairy anime. 'Elf Princess Rane' (original title is I think Yousei Hime Ren, which directly translates to 'Fairy Princess Ren'). It's short and the story doesn't end (they ran out of money after 2 eps) but very very silly and funny, so I quite strongly recommend it. And it has two fairies in it (I mean very small people with pointed ears, no wings I think, but they do |float in the air), who are occasionally naked if that matters to anyone. ;)

Elven Bride (pornographic; ADV; VHS out, not announced for DVD)

Hentai with an elf. I read a plot summary, it's pretty tasteless. Haven't seen it.