A short list of recommended places.

These places have been recommended as stops to make on travels you're already making. They have in common a general feeling of home, "rightness," magic, or some other sense. More entries will be made as people submit them in the digest.

This list was last updated May 2, 2001.

----- England -----

Along the Thames in the Ankerwyke area (about 25 miles southwest of London) are a set of several paths, some of which are flooded regularly. There's a sparse woodlands - often fairly boggy - that several of these paths traverse. In amidst these is an ancient yew tree which is an officially-listed monument. It has a massively thick trunk which is kind of hollow and twisted inside and looks different from every angle. and it's alive, even some hollowed-out branches further up which looked like they should definitely have been dead. this gave the impression of being OLD... it's one of the most impressive trees I've ever seen and I really liked it very much.

There's a little information about it on the web if you search for 'Ankerwyke yew' - it's one of the places where King Henry II is supposed to have met his lover or something.

----- Scotland -----

Roslin Glen, Midlothian. Scotland is a fair trip for some foilks, but it's still a nice place to visit.

----- Ohio, United States -----

"The problem with this one is that I don't know exactly where it is. There's a park in a ravene in south-central Ohio. The area is flat, flat, flat, like there's never been a hill ever created anywhere - except for this ravene with a hidden forest that'll make you cry for home. And I don't know its name. It's a state park, though, so it's probably findable. I'm almost certain it has the word "Ravene" or possibly "Gorge" in its name."

[This may be Clifton Gorge State Nature Preserve, in Greene County, Ohio. The contributor is unsure.]

----- Washington State, United States -----

On Route 101 on the Washington loop, there's a road sign for "Big Cedar Stump." It's big. On the same road, Ruby Beach.

Olympic Hot Springs, Bagby hot springs, and the weird little spring down the road from the hot spring resort in Banff.