The Hallway in Point Eight
"A hallway? She's putting up pictures of a hallway?"
Yes, she is. That's because you have no idea how much hell this project was - and how much better it looks now than it did before. Holes in the walls, damaged carpeting, broken layout, pipes in the ceiling (still there, now hidden), damaged trim everywhere... this was the first project we started when we moved in; we finally finished it in December of 2002. That's to say, six and a half years later. Originally, it connected the old Apt. 5 to its bathroom and the basement; it now connects the rejoined apartments 4 and 5 (4/5, Point Eight, get it?) to their bathroom, and the basement. Almost everyone who has lived here as worked on it, at least a little. Paul helped rip out the closet wall to open the hallway to Mimi's kitchen; Mimi built the shelving (and eventually I stained it); Jane stripped the one stripped door, long ago; Chris laid the oak flooring which I finished with Varathane. Rebecca kept me sane while I was painting, a bigger job than you'd think. Everything else, I think, is mine, including custom-fitting all the trim.
The basement wall, with door to the basement
Formerly a closet, now a hallway extension to the kitchen
The decorative divider board, from the kitchen side
Detail, from the kitchen side, of the decorative board
Detail from the other side. Amazingly, I found this at Home Depot, in Lumber
Another detail from the hallway side, sharper. Yes, I like this board. ^_^
The bathroom wall and door - note the door is higher than the rest
The lightpanels I built to hide the pipes - yes, they tilt, it's necessary
What's hiding above those panels - also note the reclaimed trim
All four lightpanels, unstained
The ceilings, from the floor, and where they join
Chris, laying flooring. W00t!
The finished oak floor, before the trim went in.