What's all this, then?
(Who I am, what this site is, stuff like that.)

My name is R'ykandar Korra'ti (Dara for short); this is my art site. It's organised the way it is because that's how I like it. That may not be very sales-oriented, but such is life. Having this explanation page here is my concession to some distant potential for commerce and an attempt to explain to the very curious but still confused. At some point, I'll probably make a more commercially-oriented top-level page for this site, and that'll be what most people will find. The top level you see now will remain for my own amusement, and for friends.

The sculptures photographed here are available for sale unless otherwise noted. I'm working on getting into exhibition spaces, but I'm not hanging anywhere right now. If you see something you want to look at in person, send me email and I'll be happy to let you see it in person. Don't forget to remove the "nospam"s from the email address.

Why work in broken glass? I find the inherent chaos of the medium interesting. If I don't like the pieces I have, I smash more glass until I make bits that I like. I will cut specific shapes - and sometimes which those are might surprise you - but I prefer to work with the randomness of damage.

I also like the fact that this is art which is at least mildly dangerous. You can hurt yourself with it - yet it's still, to me at least, very pretty. Many current artists create work which is shocking and (quite intentionally) ugly, even repulsive; I can understand that. Other artists create art which is pretty, but not necessarily very challenging. In just about all cases, it's certainly work which is, well... safe.

My work is often pretty, but is also generally at least a little bit dangerous. And by dangerous, I mean physically. I feel I've accomplished something if you want to touch it, but don't, because you'll hurt yourself doing so. I feel both the viewer and I have accomplished something if they go ahead and touch it anyway, accepting that risk.

Most of the drawings online here are available as prints; prices vary. The ones that aren't available are those involving characters copywritten by people other than me. (If I don't own them, I won't sell them.) The design work samples aren't for sale, but if you like any of the design work I've done - including on this site - I do freelance work, so contact me if you want to talk about terms. I don't do web programming, however - this site is extremely simple HTML, and that's as far as I go.

Personally, I feel my drawings are stylistically similar to my sculpture, but are significantly different in artistic intent. If I have an "art" goal with my drawings, I'd guess it would be to communicate a beauty in the form - particularly the male form - that I'd hope even heterosexual men could appreciate.

Nothing under 5038 is for sale; that's just work I've done on my house. (And eventually, I'll get around to putting up the images I have from the reconstruction of those letterforms from the heavily-damaged 1924 originals...) The smut's not a job, not a hobby; I draw that because I like it, and occasionally also because friends ask. ^_^ And an explanation for the Elfinkind Digest is on the mailing list's web page; you can read that over there.

Click on my name spelled out in Kanji to go to the top level page again. I didn't write that, a calligrapher in Spokane did it for me. You should see the original - it's very nice: