I believe in the sun

Date: Tue, 24 Jul 2001

It's another month until sunrise but a brisk walk to Hut Point at lunch nets a view of orange sky in the north. I meant to walk out quickly and walk back again, but found myself once again trapped by the indescribable beauty of the landscape and the attraction of light in the sky. The mountains are visible again across the sound. Fortunately getting back from lunch a bit late isn't a big deal this time of year (well, my job anyway). Things will pick up soon enough.

July has been very slow but I still accomplished something: I figured out how to play "Happy Birthday" on the toy accordion. Now working on a couple more tunes. It's been a long, dark month and I think that anybody who's going to get loony is loony now. I'm not loony but I am spacy. Quit laughing, I mean more than usual. Mostly people are just forgetful and irritable, it's a scientific phenomenon that has been studied here by brain-scientist types in other winters. I know "brainologist" is not a word. Anyway I've been skipping the bar scene, practicing with the band, and even watching some movies. We just had a Planet of the Apes marathon, I'm not kidding.

I'm sitting in MacRelay, the radio center, waiting for an after-hours database reindex to finish running next door. HF static is spooky but in a good way.

Unsuccessful pickup line of the month: "With that rose in your hair you remind me of my second wife." (He wasn't really serious...I don't think.)

July 25 is Republic Day in Tunisia. How will you celebrate?


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