I believe in airplanes

Date: Sat, 18 Aug 2001

I feel like a member of some South Pacific cargo cult: we fervently believe that if we prepare a runway, warm up buildings, place computers on empty desks, and make the correct propitiations to the northern sky, then airplanes bearing goods and tan, healthy beings from another world will arrive. According to the prophets three planes bearing people and two planes bearing cargo will appear. We believe that the station population will double in the next week and then we won't see any more planes until October.

We can look forward to new faces, returning friends, a much-needed energy lift, people who don't understand why we're tired and grumpy, fresh fruit and vegetables, mail, and a round of vicious colds and flu. From here the rest of the season will be focused on preparing for the summer circus. Both the set of flights next week and the entire season between these flights and Main Body are called Winfly.

Have I mentioned the latest reason we're tired and grumpy? After announcing that we all get Winfly roommates and most of us have to move, and deciding that we have to do it in our free time, the powers that be then decided to ditch the written Housing policy that people get three chances to pass the room inspection. No advance notice of course. So several tired, grumpy people just got reprimanded and fined $350 - surprise! - for leaving things in their rooms a day too long. I know a couple of people are appealing so we 'll see how it comes out. Oh yeah, and just for comic relief: the week after everybody got moved out of my dorm, the first floor heat went out and since nobody was there to notice the pipes froze and broke in at least five places. Heh. This amuses us because we were evicted because it's the ANG dorm, but they don't show up until late October; so moving us in August seemed a bit premature to start with. Anyway I'm moved and comfortable in a new room with a roommate whom I like. Nothing to worry about.

Stupid people annoyances aside, we're all still in Antarctica and damn if it ain't still beautiful. More and more light every day, official first sunrise is tomorrow but we've been seeing pink sunlight on the Royal Society mountains for a couple days. It's easy to get too focused on town happenings and people, but the real reason I'm here hasn't gone anywhere.

Well that's about all I've got to say. One last day off and then (weather permitting) Winfly starts. No additional Helpdesk staff so I'll be pretty busy for the first couple of weeks.

Hope you're all well,


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