The Elfinkind Digest
Last updated 7 AUGUST 2013. Yes, it's old-school. Very old-school.

What is it?

The Elfinkind Digest is a mailing list format discussion group for elves and interested others. The term "otherkind" and "otherkin" originated from this discussion list, when we advertised for elves and got all sorts of other sorts too.

Instructions for joining are in the intro message, linked below. Once approved, you participate by sending email to the mailing list. All messages sent to the email list are bundled into a single longer message (a "digest"), and sent out at once. Currently, that happens three times a week; if traffic is heavy, it jumps to five times a week.

It is unlike a Yahoo! or Google Group discussion form in that there are no web archives, and no web interface. It is email only. It's an old format, but durable, and private.

What, you serious?

Yes, we're serious. The Elfinkind Digest is a mailing list for, about and by elves and interested others. The majority of the list population are elves and elfintypes, with a significant minority population of dragons and dracoforms. This is not a list for or about role-playing or role-playing games; we're elves. Deal with it.

This page is a bit sad, though, isn't it?

No, it's a lot sad. It's just up in order to put the list's existence on the web, so we can be found by people using search engines to find us. While we're at it: elfinkind digest elvenkind digest elvinkinddigest elvenkinddigest elvin elfinkinddigest. ^_^

If you want to join the mailing list discussion group, send a message to the elflist request address saying you want on the list; you'll get back a welcome message with instructions.

A brief history and statement of purpose

The list was founded in 1990 because that's when I got EduNet access and discovered things like Usenet. The first notices about the list's existence went out to the old alt.pagan newsgroup, and to a few others I thought might have some interest. As list membership expanded to the UK and Europe, we established a United Kingdom Mail Relay, in order to make delivery more reliable. (Now that the net works most of the time, the relay has been shut down and mail is sent directly.) The membership count has varied over time, but has remained under 100; historically, we have not actively sought new members, but have tried to be a presense for those who have discovered themselves, and need someone else to talk with about it. There have been 2600 issues of the digest, as of June 2011.

The list's primary purpose is to give those out there who know what they are, but don't necessarily have a name for it or understanding of it, someplace to go and talk with others of their kind, others who might understand. There wasn't any such place for me, so I made one, hoping I wasn't alone out here. As it turns out, I wasn't.

I certainly didn't think there'd be so many people, much less a Google/ category, but I can deal with that. ^_^

List Resources

A Timeline of Modern Otherkin

A revised Otherkin FAQ

How to send HTML-free mail from a variety of email clients.

A list of recommended places to go if you're already in the area.

Quen's Brief List of Anime with Elves In.

Straight Tracks
Straight Tracks

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